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Persian Rugs

Discover the finest Persian rugs at our online store in Australia. We offer a wide range of premium quality and stylish Persian carpets and runners at affordable prices. With quick and hassle-free service, you can easily find the perfect rug for your space. Shop now and enjoy cheap prices on all our products. Plus, take advantage of our quick delivery! We also have the best quality Hallway runners at a cheap price

Persian Rugs Sales-Free Shipping- Floor Rugs- Cheap Rugs Store Australia

Persian Rugs Sales-Free Shipping- Floor Rugs- Cheap Rugs Store Australia-Modern Large Living Room & Bedroom Rugs- Extra Large Square Rugs-Washable Rugs- Jute Rug- Shaggy Rugs- Rug On A Carpet Melbourne Sydney-All Color Size & Design Available

Discover our latest collection of high-quality Persian rugs at affordable prices – you've come to the right place. Persian flooring is a quintessential home decor item that everyone cherishes. Let's delve into the main difference between Park Orchard Persian floor coverings and Persian rugs. Although rugs are used all over the world, Park Orchard Persian floor coverings are known for their unique characteristics that stand them apart. Purchasing a Persian rug is a great investment, and with our special offer, you can get them at a discounted price. Spruce up your home with a touch of elegance – shop now!

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Persian Rugs Carpets Online Store- Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, All All Cities Of Australia

Welcome to our online store! Here you can find the most exquisite range of Persian and Turkish carpets available in Melbourne, Australia. Our online store offers a vast collection of traditional, modern, antique, and designer rugs and carpets. From vintage Iranian-style rugs to custom-made tribal collections, we cater to all your needs! Buy different styles of Round rugs online at affordable price

We pride ourselves on our luxurious, handcrafted carpets that add elegance and charm to any living space. Our highest quality products come in various colors like red, blue, pink, and green. Best of all, we are offering a discount on our sale!

Whether you're based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, or Hobart, you can count on us for the best quality rugs. Enhance your home with our beautiful carpets now!

Persian Rugs

RUGS | CARPETS | RUNNER | ROUND RUGS | OTHER COLLECTION | Available different sizes & colour ranges & latest designer collection. Sizes are [ 120x170 cm | 160x230 cm  | 200x290 cm | 240x330 cm | 80x150 cm | 80x300 cm | 300x400 cm  ]

PERSIAN RUGS | PERSIAN CARPETS | PERSIAN RUNNER | PERSIAN ROUND RUGS | OTHER COLLECTION | Available in different sizes & colour ranges & latest designer collection in different sizes.

Persian Rugs Online Store Australia

Traditional Tribal Persian Rugs & Carpets. Persian Prayers Rugs & Wall-Hanging Eagle Elephant Lion Leopard & Mats. Get 50% Of-Get Discount & Sale On Persian Rugs & Carpets.

Persian Style Rugs Melbourne Victoria. CHIEF EAGLE ELEPHANT HORSE LION PHARAOH WOLF. Christmas Black Friday Boxing Day Sale 50% Off.

Persian Rugs Online Store In Australia

If you're looking to purchase high-quality Persian carpets, our online store in Australia is the perfect destination. We offer an extensive selection of fresh designs and sizes to choose from. Our collection includes affordable options, as well as the latest in Persian rugs and covers. You can also find beautiful Persian Turkish rugs in our inventory.

Persian rugs are renowned globally as the finest carpets. These exquisite oriental rugs boast exceptional material and designs. Notably, the carpets from Isfahan and Arak regions in Iran are highly sought after worldwide.

Persian Rugs For Sale-New Branded Rugs Collection

Explore our collection of Persian rugs for sale and enjoy the luxury of our new branded rugs. We prioritize your needs, with every detail crafted to perfection, making our rugs the ideal addition to your home. 

Don't waste time searching for the perfect rug; we have everything you're looking for and more. With just a click, you can have your favourite item delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

Choose from a wide variety of Persian and Turkish rugs, and enjoy a discount on your purchase. Experience true luxury and beauty with our quality rugs.

Buy the Best Cheap Persian Rugs Discount On Bulk Buy Free Delivery

Buy the Best Cheap Persian Rugs With a Discount & Free Delivery Same Day. Persian Rugs At Affordable Price. Best Quality Latest Collection With Different Colours & Design

Looking for the best deals on authentic Persian rugs in Australia? Look no further! Our platform offers a complete variety of stunning designs at affordable prices. Whether you're searching for a specific pattern or just browsing for inspiration, we have everything you need. Plus, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Discover the beauty of Persian rugs today!

Looking for Persian rugs in Melbourne, Australia? Our online store offers a wide range of affordable floor rugs, including authentic Persian carpets, Turkish, Irani, and Afghani rugs. You can find the perfect rug for your living room, bedroom, dining area, kids' room, kitchen, washroom, bathroom, garden, office, or indoor/outdoor space. Shop now and add a touch of elegance to your home decor.


Persian Style Rugs - Persian Pink Rugs

We offer an exceptional collection of Persian-style pink rugs of the highest quality. Our selection includes modest alternatives to complement a variety of flooring styles. Many prefer to coordinate the rugs with their room's furniture and paint, to bring out all the hues of the Persian floor covering. 

It is interesting to note, the production of Persian rugs and carpets is inextricably linked to the country's historical rulers. The role of governmental support in the industry's development is immeasurable.

Persian Vintage & Round Rugs

Explore our collection of designer Persian vintage and round rugs for an elegant addition to your home decor. Shop our new arrivals of Turkish rugs, crafted from cotton, wool, and jute for varying textures and styles. Our small-sized rugs boast intricate designs, adding flair to any room. Customers often prefer washable products, and we're happy to meet your requests. 

Discover exquisite rugs and carpets, originating from the ancient Persian kingdom to modern-day Iran. Our stores offer a vast selection of desirable products to suit your aesthetic taste and style.

Persian Rugs Discount Free Shipping Fast Delivery

Looking for Persian rugs with a discount on 2 or more rugs, free shipping and fast delivery? The carpet industry in Iran, dating back over 10 years, originally wove these masterpieces to insulate migrant floors from the cold and damp. The art of Persian rug design experienced a continual evolution of technique and innovation, a legacy shaped by times of peace and conflict. As demand for these timeless treasures grew worldwide, artisans added diverse styles and methods, further elevating Persian rugs to their present-day status as global icons of beauty and craftsmanship.

Silk Persian Rugs Modern

Our collection features stunning Silk Persian Rugs and Modern Rugs. Did you know that Persian carpet-making originated from Cyrus the Great's conquest of Babylon in 539 BC? This proud tradition has been an integral part of Iranian culture for over 2,500 years. The artistry of these rugs is truly remarkable and crucial to the economy of Iran. Unfortunately, this industry has been hit hard by sanctions, with US import bans causing shortages and escalating prices.

Persian Handmade Rugs

Persian Handmade Rugs: A fascinating blend of Tradition and Artistry. Made from natural wool, silk and vegetable dyes, they are admired for their rich tones and intriguing designs. Choosing a Persian rug for your home isn't just about adding beauty, it's about making a statement. Celebrate your style and elevate your space with the timeless elegance of a handmade Persian rug.

Persian Rugs Online Store  Australia

Welcome the top-rated online store in Australia for Persian Rugs! If you're on the hunt for these exquisite floor pieces, then you've come to the right place. Our online store offers a convenient service, delivering elegant rugs to aspiring homeowners across the nation. The trend of purchasing items online and enjoying doorstep delivery has become increasingly popular in recent times, and we are delighted to cater to your needs. So, whether you're interested in purchasing Persian or Turkish rugs, we've got you covered!

Persian Runner-Hallway Runners

Our stores boast a stunning collection of modern Persian runners and rugs, catering to all styles. Find the perfect Persian runner at our online store in . Discover our range of contemporary styles, as well as traditional masterpieces of the region. From minimalist large circles to square or rounded Persian rugs, our extensive selection has got you covered. 

In these modern times, shopping online for domestic products has become the norm, and our online platform makes it quick and convenient for you to get what you need. Choose from our latest Persian rug and carpet offerings, with easy access to our online services.

Discover the best range of affordable Persian rugs and Turkish carpets online at our Melbourne store. Our selection boasts a vibrant range of colours, patterns and styles - ranging from traditional antique, vintage, and tribal to modern and designer collections. Find the perfect rug to complete your space with our luxurious handcrafted rugs, exclusively custom made and unique to our store. Plus, take advantage of our discounted sale prices and elevate your home décor with stunning traditional Iranian-style rugs.

While both oriental and Persian rugs can be found in our stores, they differ in their area of origin. Oriental rugs are made in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Australia, and China, while Persian rugs are crafted exclusively in Iran. Persian rugs come in a variety of types, including Heriz, Karaja, Kazvin, and Isfahan, which each have their own unique features. Moreover, both rug types have a range of subtypes. You can easily visit our stores to see our collections or choose to order online for convenience.

Turkish Iranian Afghani Rugs & Carpets Online Store  Australia

Rugs and carpets are a universal favourite, enjoyed by all social classes. They come from various countries, including Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan, and are highly coveted in the market. With the convenience of ordering online or a visit to the store, you'll find a vast selection of styles. Persian and Oriental rugs are crafted using Persian and Turkish knots, using materials like fleece, silk, cotton, and even special goat hair for fleece-based heaps. The Iranian carpet-making process differs from others. Meanwhile, Afghan texture mats use goat hair to strengthen woven fleece strands.

Persian Rugs for Living Room Bedroom Dining Room Kids Room

Discover a vast collection of beautiful Persian rugs for your home! Whether for your living room, bedroom, dining room, or kids' room, we offer rugs and carpets in a range of stunning designs, styles, and sizes. You'll find the perfect piece for any area, whether interior or exterior, in our store.

Transform your home's aesthetic with our top-quality products. Order online now to receive a discount, and take the first step in creating an alluring interior ambience..

Looking for a store that offers Persian rugs in Australia? Look no further! Our online store offers a complete range of rugs and carpets made of premium quality materials with a soothing texture. At Persian Rugs Australia, you have access to a wide variety of choices. The trend of online shopping has captured the world, and with our easy-to-use platform, you can order your favourite product from the comfort of your own home. Start exploring now!

Persian Rugs In Different Colours –Rugs & Carpets In

Explore our range of rugs and carpets; visit our store and take home your favorites. Our assortment includes Persian rugs available in unique colours and styles. Shop today and take advantage of our discount offers. 

Find Persian rugs and carpets in Greensboro, Australia. Discover our recent collection in various sizes, shades, and styles, all at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

The Best Persian Rugs Carpets Company Dealers In

We take pride in being the premier Persian rug and carpet dealer in town. Our showrooms offer the best collection to customers who want to add an oriental touch to their space. You can reach out to our dealer and relish the chance to behold our exquisite range of Persian carpets at an affordable price. To view our classification, click on the link provided. We invite you to shop for Persian mats with us and avail discounts on the latest designs. Don't miss these limited time offers!

Traditional Tribal Persian Rugs & Carpets In

Explore the elegance of traditional tribal Persian rugs and carpets in McGrath Hill, available now! Hand-woven with premium wool, these stunning pieces are not only beautiful but valuable too; highly sought-after in markets worldwide. Ideal for adding style to any room while preserving floor space, these carpets radiate design and beauty. Indulge in the timeless appeal of Persian Rugs, designer quality at an affordable price. Check out our stores today!

Renowned globally as the standard-bearer of Persian rugs, Isfahan rugs are renowned for their unparalleled quality. These classic creations are a study in balance, crafted from materials that are blended to precise proportions. The use of high-quality wool is a hallmark of Isfahan rugs, ensuring that each one is a showcase of both style and substance.

Handmade Hand-Knotted & Machine Persian Rugs & Carpets-Buy  Store Online

Explore our collection of handmade and machine-made rugs and carpets available at affordable prices. Visit our stores and discover the latest designs and styles in a multitude of sizes. 

Indulge in a wide variety of Persian rugs, each available at your fingertips. With online services available to you anytime, experience the luxury of the Best Persian rugs.

The weaving of original Persian rugs is rooted in the meticulous use of silk and wool. Quality is paramount to Persian rug collectors and purchase of any other materials like polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, thick, jute, or different materials is not suggested.

Given the inhumanity associated with silk production, it is advisable to purchase bamboo silk instead which is a more ethical and sustainable alternative.

It is noteworthy that numerous substandard synthetic materials are available in the market but should be avoided. In need of Persian rugs at reasonable prices? Then it's time to buy now!

Persian Rugs For Sale-Brand New Persian Style Rugs-Red & Blue Persian Rugs  Shop

Discover stunning new Persian-style rugs and carpets at McGrath Hill shop, where we offer the latest designs in a wide variety of colours. Visit our store for a chance to snag discounts on these high-quality items.

Persian Rugs & Carpets In  Available In Different Sizes

Persian rugs and carpets are available in different sizes for example Different Colors. All Sizes 2x3 5x7 5x8 10x2 8x10 3x5 9x12 3x4 4x6 10x14 .Red Blue Grey Green Black & White Pink Purple Cream Yellow Navy Blue Orange Peach Maroon Gold Dark Light Bright faded & Colorful. The Best Persian Rugs Company Dealers Warehouse & Showroom.

You can get rugs and carpets of any size easily from us. Our services are available 24/7.all the latest designs are available. Get cheap price Persian rugs  basis on your needs. We promise to deliver the rugs on time. With us, you can get amazing discounts and offers on the purchase of Persian rugs & carpets. Get a unique look for your house with our amazing collection of handcrafted products. Avail free shipping and services now! 

For more information visit our website www.mcgrathhillshop.

Discover a wide range of exquisite rug designs from Discover, including Washable Kl, Neutra, Faux, Patchwork, Baluch, Overdyed, Tapestry, Qum, Gabbeh, Ardebil, Eva, Galaga, Nain, Fine Jaipur, Pure Silk-Wool, Flat Weave, and Oushak. Explore the beauty of these rugs and add them to your home decor.nd Safavieh Moti rugs. Elevate your home decor by purchasing them now..

We Deliver Persian & Turkish Rugs & Carpets All Over  Suburbs & Area’s East West South Northern Suburbs

Our transportation services are available throughout Australia, including rural areas in the East, South West, and North, for the fastest and most efficient delivery of Persian sheet material. We also offer the option for open mass orders with free delivery. Our services are available in multiple locations including McGrath Hill and Geelong in New South Wales, Perth and Western Adelaide in Australia, as well as Brisbane, Logan City Gold Coast, and Queensland. You can also find us in Adelaide and Canberra in South Australia, Wollongong, Newcastle-Hobart, and Tasmania. Take advantage of our latest collection of Persian mats, carpets, and floor runners with discounts available directly from our stock. We also have a selection of Turkish rugs and carpets for sale in Australia. Purchase now and add a touch of elegance to your home or office.for coverage in all of Australia's major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, and the states and territories of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania.